Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy Recipes for Children
In recent years, more and more children discover the wonders of the kitchen and begin cooking,
as well as preparing special foods. The Internet includes plenty of recipes of various kinds
that are suitable for children. This allows them to experience a variety of different recipes.
Easy Recipes for Children

Preparation of various foods with the children is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality family
time. Helping children prepare food introduces them to a variety of different types of new foods
and flavors. Here are some very easy recipes that are suitable for children.
small pizzas
This pizza recipe is quite simple to prepare unlike regular pizza, this recipe uses a puff pastry
ready. Before beginning this recipe put all of the ingredients where they can be easily accessed.
The ingredients can consist of tomatoes, onions, corn, olives, pineapple, anchovies, red pepper,
or whatever is desired to top the pizza. The leaf has to roll them up and cut them into pieces.
The slices are placed on the baking pan, which is covered with baking paper  and scattered each pizza with
grated cheese. The baking pan should be placed in a preheated oven under medium heat at 180
degrees and baked until golden. This recipe for small pizzas is rather easy to make,
and won’t take much time.
Kisses on the cheek
Considered one of the favorite recipes of many children, this recipe is named Kisses on the
cheek. While preparing this recipe, be carefull to follow this recipe . The ingredients include eight eggs, and half a pound of sugar. whipping the egg whites and add the sugar untile getting stable foam. transfer the stable foam with a spoon (each time a
tablespoon) and place it on baking paper in a preheated oven at 50 degrees on low
heat. The kisses have to bake for two hours until they dry completely. After they are completely
dry, save them in an airtight container.
Healthy dates balls
If you are looking for healthy recipes, suitable for children, here is an example of an excellent,
healthy recipe. To make these dates balls, create a block of dates (without seeds) and knead well.
Then add crushed biscuit, and nuts and mix well till getting dates pulp, create small balls which can be rolled in a variety of different topping, such as coconut, colored
candies, chocolate chips and white or dark chocolate. This is certainly a quick and easy recipe to
Important to note:
Allowing your children to make different recipes should be followed by certain guidelines. First :
remove all instruments, or kitchen utensils that may be dangerous to children.
If the recipe requires frying or boiling, stood near the kids and do it with them.
Although the use of recipe, encourage children to be creative,  let them use different ingredients and expose them to variety of
recipes with various types of ingredients and products.
 This way, your children will experience preparing recipes, and
learning about food types. Make sure that children keep their area clean during the cooking process. Let them have availability to all the different products needed for the recipe, in
order to facilitate the preparation process. Allow the children to experiment and make mistakes.