Monday, February 20, 2012

We all know that there are various types of wines and amongst all the groups we can classify them amongst White and Red which are most popular.
We would take you
through the White Wine and its characteristics in the following sections.
White wine is produced only from Green Grapes. Most of the varieties of this type of wine are taste sweet
and people over the years have been used to drinking white wine with fish or any other type of food in celebratory occasions.
Wondering how is White Wine Produced?
Like we had already mentioned that White wine is made from Grapes and the first stage of it
starts by separation, separating the leaves from the grapes and then breaking the skin of the
separated grapes. The goal is to get the juice from the grapes without damaging the grapes. Think
of all the pictures that we are used to see of people stepping over grapes to extract the juice.
However, at present the same process doesnt happen (i.e. of people stepping over the grapes),
but yes the end goal is to extract the juice from the grapes.
The next step is the fermentation . After the juice is separated from the
grape skin, the process of fermentation starts along with use of natural preservatives, at this point  the carbon-dioxide and the alcohol starts to form.
The next and the final step is the process of ageing. We have all heard that older wine is better wine with respect to taste and it is expensive as well.
In the process of ageing,The white wine is transferred to large barrels made of oak or in some cases stainless steel barrels;This storing of the wine in the barrels give the wine a final taste.
 There are some wines that are stored for years before they are actually bottled and sold in the market under different names/flavor as we all know.
Having told about White wine, you must be wondering what exactly is different when it comes
to red wines. There isn’t much of difference; we all know that wines are made from grapes and
when it comes to white wines they are made only from green grapes and for red wines it is made
from red or black grapes. White wine in general is preferable when it comes to having with light
meals whereas red wine goes well with heavier meals with meat.
Good soil and climate both are extremely important for good white wine production. Huge
amount of white wine is produced from the grapes that grow in the Europe specifically in places like Tuscany Italy Hills