Thursday, February 23, 2012

Know Stuffed grape leaves recipe and Serve the Awesome Dish
Are you looking for a recipe of Greek grape leaves? Yes, you are going to check one of the
best recipes to prepare Stuffed grape leaves in the next few lines. There are so many famous
restaurants in Greece which serve delicious dishes of fresh grape leaves. I am going to tell
you a quick and easy recipe to prepare stuffed grape leaves in Greek style. The Greek foodis generally rural and the strongest emphasis is given on the Greek kitchen fresh ingredients
and seasoned with herbs. The next few lines will describe the recipe to prepare stuffed
grape leaves and grape leaves and these are an excellent opening to any event with family or
A small requirement of components makes the overall process less tiresome to manage and
to learn the recipe quite fast.
1 bunch of fresh vine leaves,
 ¾ round of cup rice,
 2 chopped onions grow,
6 chopped green onions,
1/3 chopped cup dill,
1 tablespoon of chopped mint,
2 lemon cut into segments,
2 cups of water,
 ¾ cup of olive oil, I teaspoon of Gross black
pepper and 1 teaspoon of salt are the overall components that are required to prepare this
splendid dish.
The grape leaves is prepared by brewing the fresh grape leaves in boiling water for three to
five minutes, to soften them to be comfortable rolling and at the end, you should decide to
move them into a bowl with ice cubes to stop the cooking. Alternatively if you choose to use
canned grape leaves, rinse in a strainer and then soaked Om hour in warm water. The filling
is prepared by heating the oil in a frying pan and adds to the onion sauté over low heat for
five minutes and removes from heat, cover the pan for about five minutes. Add rice, green
onions, dill, mint, black pepper and salt, to the pan and stir it very well.
The stuffed grape leaves is prepared by laying a grape leaf with leaf stem pointing upward
and the shiny part facing the work surface as the first step. Next, place 3 tablespoons of
filling in the center of the leaf. Now, roll the upper part of the leaf, the filling and hold. As
concluding steps, fold the two sides put on the mix as well and roll the leaf forward, toward
the edge of the leaf. The grape leaves are cooked by using a blue deep pot with at least a
5-liter, place 5 to 6 grape leaves on the bottom of the pot. Now, arrange the grape leaves
crowded at the bottom of the pot as possible and building floors if necessary. Zolfim above a
few drops of olive oil. Now, place over the plate, and pour a little water until they had passed
the edge of the plate. At the end, put the pot over high heat and bring to a boil, lower heat and
simmer 45 minutes over low heat.
Now, Close the heat and carefully remove the plate and serve hot or cold with lemon wedges,
squeezing slightly before eating lemon on grape leaves. The dish is ready to be served to the